Raised between Belgium and Lebanon, Shadi is a narrative-focused cinematographer based in Los Angeles, California.

Drawing inspiration from Renaissance arts and Greek mythology as well as embedding life experiences and influences from a mundane post-war childhood, he’s a firm believer of a few notions that make up the pillars behind his works.
Opinions and perceptions do not constitute an absolute truth.
With an MFA from the American Film Institute and two awards in sarcasm and non-diplomatic approach, he seeks to create films that stick true to what he wishes to share with other people and what aligns well with his philosophies.

"I believe we might not be really changing the world by doing films, yet the images we put out certainly have some kind of influence, even if on a very small number of people. It is our responsibility to stay integral, truthful and ethical to our beliefs, otherwise we’re just disposable and temporary."

His career took him on worldwide travels from Mexico to The Reunion Islands and continents in between, shooting projects in the likes of MIRRORS, an art film for Yves Saint Laurent and ALL THIS VICTORY, his first feature shot in Lebanon, and working with directors like Andrew Thomas Huang and Elia Suleiman.
As a Second Unit Director of Photography and Camera Operator, he also worked on films including A BOY CALLED SAILBOAT (starring J.K Simmons) and FLOWER (Starring Kathryn Hahn and Adam Scott).